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Attention parents and students,

Here's how to get an A in AP Physics 1 and score a 4 or 5 on the AP Physics 1 Exam... 


When I was an Electrical Engineering student at UC Berkeley, physics was one of the most challenging courses I had to take. I was always pretty good at math and science classes, so I figured I would be OK. Then, I got the first homework assignment...  

I had never had a problem doing a homework assignment before. I had always worked hard and able to get through it. And I understood all of the lecture material (or at least I thought I did), but this was the first time the problems asked me to apply it to a complex situation. 


I had to go to a lot of office hours and seek out a lot of help to get through the homework. The second week's homework was just as difficult. It took work and persistence to get through, but eventually the math "clicked". I can remember the exact moment it happened. I was sitting in my professor's office hours, and he was going through his thought process on a problem. I had never had a teacher really explain how they thought about a problem. I had only seen the basic lecture and principles, but it finally made sense on how I should think about a problem. 


The homework didn't get any easier, but I understood the problems. It gave me confidence going through them and I didn't have to spend as much time on them. I did well on the exams, and I earned an A in the class. 

When I became a full-time tutor, I applied that approach with my students. The material itself is not usually that difficult to understand. The hard part is doing the problems! That may sound obvious, but a lot of students focus on watching more lectures or rereading the textbook, when that doesn't really help much and wastes time. Practicing a lot of problems (especially hard problems) is key to doing well in physics, and other STEM courses.

Benefits of more practice

Imagine you're trying to get better at playing the piano. Does it help to watch more people play the piano? Or does it help to read every book you can find about pianos? At some point, you have to sit down and practice solving problems.

And it's exactly the same situation with mastering physics. Students are generally taught the concepts, but they need way more practice to get better at problem solving. With more practice, your child will:

✅ Find homework easier to understand and not stress out about them

✅ Feel prepared tests and quizzes

✅ Build confidence so they know they can take on challenging classes

They also get better grades and do better on the AP exam. Here's a breakdown of how my students have done. Nearly all of my students get a 3 or higher compared to the national average of 42%. And half of my students get a 4 or higher, which is over double the national average of 23%!

AP Physics 1 Scores.png
So how should my child practice?

Working through textbook problems or practice problems is a great start, but then what should your child do when they're stuck? They need help to really clarify where they are stuck on the problem, and then continue on to the next problem. 

You can hire a tutor, but that gets pretty expensive pretty quickly, and there's no guarantee the tutor will be effective. That's why I decided to create videos where I focus 95% on problem solving. No fancy lectures or complicated experiments or activities. Just problem after problem with step-by-step solutions.  

I'm not talking about 1, 2, 5, or 10 examples. I mean hundreds of problems and video solutions for them. And this method has worked for me and so many of my students. 

The Solution: "Physics 1 Problem Solving Course"

This is not your typical course. This course is built for practicing and solving problems as the primary learning method. There are some lecture material for students to have if they need it more conceptual help, and some quizzes if they want to evaluate how they're doing, but the bulk of the content is simply solving problem after problem with step-by-step video solutions to help students practice. Here's what it includes:

✅ Lots of Practice.

Over 200 practice problems and over 50 AP free response questions so that your child can practice all they want until they fully master the topic.

Simple Explanations.

Short video summaries for every unit so that your child can quickly learn the major points. Each video is very short (less than 15 minutes) so students can focus most of their time on practicing solving problems.

Immediate Feedback.

Short skill assessments to give your child immediate feedback to make sure they understand the foundations.

Learning Support

Students can post questions on any lesson or problem that I will personally answer so your child will be the support they need to succeed. 

Here's why a single unit is worth over $400...

For your child to fully master a single unit, I would need spend at least 4 hours with them in a 1-on-1 setting working through problems. At $100 per hour (which is lower than my current rate), it would cost at least $400 for every unit.

Instead, I'm giving you the same tried-and-true methodology at the lowest rate possible...

Unit 1 On Sale Today for Only $13 
(Normally $45)

I'm offering the 1st unit (Kinematics) at a huge 70% discount! I want your child to feel successful at the foundational unit before you even think about purchasing the rest of the units.  

Time's running out for this incredible sale!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee (1).png

Try this completely risk free for 30-days. I'm confident that your child will understand physics much better if they go through the material. However, you can cancel with a full refund within 30 days for any reason. Simply email me at

Here's how to sign up

Click on the "Sign Up Today" button. That will take you to a page to create an account. Use your child's name and a password (don't worry, they can change it or reset it later). They will use this account to access the class. 


After, you select your payment option (Credit Card or PayPal). For credit card purchases, simply put in your credit card info and press Complete Order. Or, you can select PayPal and use PayPal to purchase the course. 


If you have any questions about the process, please email me at 

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