Benefits of Group Tutoring

  • Live instruction with an exceptional tutor who can answer questions and clear up any confusion

  • Nearly all the benefits of a private tutor at a lower cost

How It Works

I host a 1-hour weekly Zoom call through Outschool.

Each week there are set topics that we will go over. The lesson will be split into a short mini lesson (15-20 minutes) followed by going over different examples. The students will always have a chance to ask questions to clarify any points of confusion, or even ask about similar problems they're facing from their classroom.


The goal is for them develop the core conceptual understanding and necessary problem solving skills for the AP Physics 1 exam.


Currently, I only offer group classes for the following subjects:

  • AP® Physics 1

These courses have standardized curriculum from the College Board, so it's easier for students to all be covering the same major topics on the exam. 

* AP® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this website.

Class Requests

Don't see a class or time slot that works for you? Reach out to discuss options and pricing.


The cost for the class is $25 per week.

Payment is handled through Outschool when you book a session.


Group classes begin the week of August 24-28 and finish up the week before AP exams.

AP® Physics 1 

  • Section 1: Saturday 2:00pm PT/ 5:00pm ET


Frequently asked questions




「産後」というと、出産から間もない方をイメージされる方が多いと思いますが、出産を経験されたことのある方はみなさん「産後」です。 産後2ヶ月の方から、出産から長い期間経過した方にももちろんご参加頂けます。 出産を経験されたことのある方でしたらどなたでもご参加頂けるレッスンです。


【服装】運動のできる服装 (体をしめつけないもの) 【持ち物】 ・水分補給用のお飲み物       ・赤ちゃんのお世話グッズ&お気に入りのおもちゃなど ※バランスボールエクササイズは裸足で行うのでシューズは不要です。 クラスによっては運動しやすい靴(スニーカーなど)で弾んで頂くクラスもあります。

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