How to Join Zoom

I use Zoom for all my lessons. Each student gets their own unique Zoom meeting ID and password, which I send prior to the start of our first lessons. The same meeting ID and password will be used for all lessons. Click here to learn more about Zoom.

For security and safety, the meeting room will have a waiting room. I will have to manually let the student into the meeting. This is to prevent any unauthorized users from joining in on the lesson. 


Method 1 for Joining: Direct Link

In an email, I will provide a direct link to the Zoom meeting. If you click on that link, it will automatically take you to the join screen without the need for entering a password. The password is embedded in the link. The link itself will look something like:

Method 2 for Joining: Meeting ID and Password

I recommend using the direct link, however it sometimes doesn't work. The alternative method is to enter the meeting ID directly into Zoom.

Step 1: Start Zoom and go to the Home tab up top. Then hit "Join"

Step 2: Enter in the Meeting ID number and hit "Join". Every student has their own unique meeting ID number.

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter in a password. Use the password provided in the email I sent you.