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2022 AP Physics 1 Exam Review

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I'm hosting a 2-hour full AP exam review on April 16th. The goal is to really solidify and review some of the major concepts from AP Physics 1. There's been a lot to learn this year, and it's good to try to encapsulate it in a single exam. I've also included a free review sheet that you can download and use. It will be the basis for the actual exam review, and there's some practice Free Response Questions that we will be going through. Students who enroll will also get access to a recording of the lesson in case they want to rewatch or view it again at a later date. Here's what's included: ✅ 2-Hour Live Review Session for AP Physics 1

✅ Review all major concepts with past AP Free Response Questions

✅ Test Taking Tips and Free Response Strategies

✅ Access to recording of the review for 3 months (well after the AP exam date). When: Saturday April 16, 1pm - 3pm PT Where: Online via a Zoom Webinar

Format: Live lecture with Q&A via chat system Here's a link to register for the webinar. Download the PDF Review Sheet here

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