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Is your child looking to have confidence in physics, achieve an A, and/or ace the AP Physics 2 exam?

Join the AP Physics 2 Secrets of Problem Solving Program

Our programs are designed to rapidly improve problem solving skills and understanding in AP Physics 2.

Building a Solid Foundation

Having the Right Support

Clear Process to Break Down Problems


Course Materials


✅ Recorded Lessons

✅ Practice Problems

Coming Soon



Everything in Course Materials plus

✅ Over 300 AP Practice Problems (FRQ and MCQ) with Video Explanations

✅ AP Free Response Tips and Strategies

Self-Study with Support


Everything in Self-Study Plus

✅ Unlimited Question and Answer Support for Entire School Year

✅ 3x AP Practice Tests + Detailed Scoring Feedback

Full Program

$375 per month

Everything in Self-Study with Support Plus

✅ Weekly Homework with Detailed Feedback

✅ 2 Drop-in Office Hours Per Week for Additional School Support

What Does Support Look Like?

One of the things my students LOVE is the support they get. They can ask a question ANYTIME (weekends, late at night), and have an answer within 12 hours.

Look below at examples of what the explanations look like.

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