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Is your child looking to have confidence in Calculus, achieve an A, and ace the AP Calculus AB or BC exam?

Join the AP Calculus Secrets of Problem Solving Program

Our small-group lessons, run by Allen Tsao, are designed to rapidly improve problem solving skills and understanding in AP Calculus.

Building a Solid Foundation

Having the Right Support

Learning by Example

How Our Students Do

AP Calculus AB Results.png

Comparison to Other Tutors

Our Program

$400 per month (Maximum)

✅ Individual Attention

✅ Unlimited Question Answering Anytime (weekends and evenings included)

✅ FRQ and MCQ Practice Questions with Video Explanations

✅ Flexible Scheduling Options

Everyone Else

$320 per month
($80 per hour)

✅ Individual Attention

❌ Limited Help (only during 1-hour session per week)

❌ Limited Extra Practice (maybe textbook problems)

❌ Fixed Schedule

What our students say...


Course Materials


✅ Recorded Lessons

✅ Practice Problems (textbook and AP Free Responses)

✅ Entire AP Calculus AB Course Materials

Self Study


Everything in Course Materials plus

✅ AP Calculus BC Course Materials

✅ Over 100 AP Practice Problems with Video Explanations

✅ AP Free Response Tips and Strategies

Self Study with Support


Everything in Self-Study Plus

✅ Unlimited Question and Answer Support for Entire School Year

✅ 3x AP Practice Tests + Detailed Scoring Feedback

Full Program


* Spots Limited. Preregister to Reserve a Spot

Everything in Self-Study with Support Plus

✅ 1 Hours Live Lecture Per Week

✅ Weekly Homework with Detailed Feedback

✅ Multiple Homework Help Sessions Available Every Week

✅ 3 Drop-in Office Hours Per Week for Additional School Support

Enrollment requires a consultation with Allen to ensure the program is a good fit.

What Does Support Look Like?

One of the things my students LOVE is the support they get. They can ask a question ANYTIME (weekends, late at night), and have an answer within 12 hours.

Look below at examples of what the explanations look like.

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