Allen helped me with statistics which is a math class based on half formulas and half interpretive English. He was very helpful and patient. He would take the time to draw pictures that would help me grasp concepts. He would also help me understand the answer. Working with some of the other tutors they would make you work harder then them and make you guess at an answer till you figured it out on your own, which would waste time and energy. Instead of doing that Allen understood when it was appropriate to take time for that and when to teach me how to get the answer. He did make me answer questions with the right amount of balance, knowing when not to make me guess. I will contact Allen again in the future. You should too.

Allen was amazing with “Z”. The (3) things that stick out most in my mind are:

    1. He offered the first session absolutely free to ensure compatibly between himself and my son

    2. He almost always went a little over the hour session -- which shows his commitment to the student

    3. Lastly -- but perhaps most importantly -- Allen was in constant contact with Z’s math instructor to make absolutely sure Allen knew what needed to get done

Some tutors simply just “mail it in” -- do their session, collect their money and move on. Allen truly showed that he cares for the student that he tutors and my son certainly appreciated that as well. There’s no doubt my son ended up successfully accomplishing his goals in math with Allen’s instruction and follow-up.

Chris, Statistics

Jeremy, Algebra 2

My son feels more confident and prepared for his Calculus midterm which is fast approaching. Allen explained some of the concepts that he struggled with and now he feels he has a strong foundation for the rigor of his class. Thank you, Allen!

Allen is out of this world. He will tell you he can't remember something that well then derive it out of thin air (very advanced topics). I started working with Allen because I was struggling with circuit analysis. He helped me build an intuition for solving circuits and it is one of the things I do best now. Allen has always been patient with my sometimes erratic schedule, and without him, I would not only have performed worse in my courses but I would not have the actual knowledge I do of many topics. Many will find, especially at a research university, that professors will not treat teaching as their primary job - Allen got me through a few of those. He is excellent for STEM courses, and even up to senior level Electrical Engineering courses. I've tried meetings with TAs and occasionally professors, but Allen was always a better resource. Allen's mental fortitude is unmatched; this guy could literally be anything he wants to be in this world, and he is choosing to help students - he chose that because he is good at it and because he cares, and that will show.

Lisa, Calculus

Allen is very knowledgeable. He tackled the complicated problem in a super intelligent way, which resulted in very efficient tutoring sessions. He also replies to all requests promptly. Will definitely ask for his help again!

Cody, Electrical Engineering

We have used Allen twice now to help my daughter with AP Stats and he is fantastic! He is so patient and really talks through the problems with my daughter. He makes sure she understands before moving on and even made some practices problems for an upcoming test. We will continue to use him throughout the year!

Lynn, Digital Logic

Dawn, AP Statistics

Knowledgeable, punctual tutor who goes above and beyond to help you with your work! He helped extensively with various problems and talked through the concepts.

Studied for my math probability exam and he was a huge help! We went over three chapters of lecture slides and got them all done at a fantastic rate of time!

Chris, Linear Algebra

Berkan, Probability and Statistics

My son feels more confident and prepared for his Calculus midterm which is fast approaching. Allen explained some of the concepts that he struggled with and now he feels he has a strong foundation for the rigor of his class. Thank you, Allen!

He really teaches you how to think through a problem vs showing you how to do it. He also connected my confusion on some of the topics. Most importantly, he is excellent communicator.

Lisa, Calculus

Allen has guided me through countless differential equation problems ranging in topics including higher order differential equations, Laplace transforms, and Inverse Laplace transforms using several different approaches including undermined coefficients and variation of parameters. He clearly is very knowledgeable on the subject, patient, and provides thorough explanations.

Chloe, AP Calculus BC and Digital Logic

Knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, going beyond to help his students. My daughter is very thankful for his guidance. Many thanks to help my daughter, Allen <3 !

Salma, Differential Equations

Tam, Electrical Engineering