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  • A 5-week program to give students a head start so they go into AP Physics 1 with confidence and knowing the material.


  • Ensure a solid foundation in the first unit (Kinematics)


  • Two Separate 5-week Summer Sessions (Both sessions cover the same topic)

    • Session 1: June 5th - July 7th

    • Session 2: July 10th - August 11th

  • Lecture class will be Mondays at 3:30pm - 4:30pm PT (Live & Recorded)

  • Workshop classes (1-hour Sessions) will be multiple times throughout the week

    • Can select a preferred time when you register.

    • Students work through problems and get real-time feedback with an instructor.

Session Cost: $500

What our students say...

AP Physics 1 - Testimonials (3).png
AP Physics 1 - Testimonials (2).png
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