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How to Use the Summer
Effectively to Prep for
AP Physics 1

What our students say...

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How Our Students Do

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  • A 4-week program to give students a head start so they go into AP Physics 1 with confidence and knowing the material.


  • Ensure a solid foundation in the first unit (Kinematics)


  • Two Separate 4-week Summer Sessions (Both sessions cover kinematics)

    • Session 1July 7th - August 3rd

    • Session 2: August 4th - August 31st

  • Exact schedule is located on the Registration page Here

  • Full refund if cancelling before 14 days of class start.

  • If canceling within 14 days of class start, there's a $50 registration fee taken out ($350 refunded).

Session Cost: $400
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