Is your child looking to have confidence in physics, achieve an A, and ace the AP Physics 1 exam?

Join the AP Physics 1 Secrets of Problem Solving Program

Our small-group lessons, run by Allen Tsao, are designed to rapidly improve problem solving skills and understanding in AP Physics 1.

Building a Solid Foundation

Having the Right Support

Learning by Example

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Note Summaries

Our customized notes help students review and understand the key ideas for each topic.

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Practice Problems

We work through College Board AP level problems so students can easily do their homework, tests, and quizzes. 

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Direct Instruction

Regular group lessons where students directly learn how to break down a problem efficiently.

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Group Learning

Students learn best in a group environment. Seeing others ask questions and helping support each other is critical to their success.

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Weekly Support

Allen is available to help students answer any questions during Office Hours, email, or group chat. 

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Practice Tests

As we approach the AP exam, students take multiple practice tests and focus on exam strategies to maximize their score. 

What our students say...

How the Program Works

Program Comparison

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Enrollment Details

Summer Classes

June 13 - August 10

Class 1: Mon + Wed 1pm-2pm PT

(2 spots remaining)

Class 2: Mon + Wed 4pm-5pm PT

(1 spots remaining)

$800 ($400 per month)

Self Study 

Access to Full Video Curriculum
Live Office Hours
Group Chat Support

$200 per month

Fall Classes

Class 1: Mon + Wed 3pm PT
Class 2: Tu + Th 3pm PT
Class 3: Tu + Th 7pm PT

Register Before Sept 1st

$400 per month (SAVE 33%)