• Allen Tsao

2019 AP Free Response Solutions

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

I'm going to put together my own solutions for the 2019 AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics Free Response questions here, after the questions are released. I'll be putting up YouTube videos explaining my solutions, but I'll link the actual pdf files here.

Edit: Updated the links to no longer use Google Drive as some people were having issues accessing them.

AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2 (Corrected 5/20/19)

AP Physics C: Mechanics Set 1 Set 2

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Set 1 Set 2 (Updated 5/21/19)

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC (Updated with minor clarifications 6/12/19)

AP Statistics (Corrected 5/19/19)