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Calculus, Physics, and Electrical Engineering

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Efficient Sessions 

Is your child already busy studying, working projects, sports, or other extra curricular activities? Who has time to waste with ineffective lessons?


Most of my students tell me that they learn a lot in a short amount of time compared to other tutors they've tried.   


A common complaint I receive is that a student's previous tutor wasn't able to explain how to solve a problem very well, or had to look up how to solve a problem. And many of my students are learning advanced material that isn't covered in a typical public school. It's important to have a tutor who really has a solid mastery and can help with any problem without having to Google it.

I received my BS from UC Berkeley (3.88 GPA) and MS from Stanford University (3.74 GPA). I know what hard classes look like, and how to best study and prepare for them.


I have tutored over 2000 hours and helped over 200 students succeed in their classes. My AP Physics 1 and AP Calculus students have all at least scored a 3 on their exams (many with 4s or 5s). I've successfully helped students succeed at difficult schools like Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cornell, Georgia Tech, and University of Pennsylvania. 

I've been through the grinder. At Berkeley and Stanford, I was taking 3 or 4 technical courses each semester. My first semester was a struggle to handle courses that were moving so quickly and learning very difficult material. I know what it's like to struggle with difficult courses, and I can help your child learn from my experience.

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Meet Allen​

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3.88 GPA at UC Berkeley

3.74 GPA at Stanford University

MS and BS Electrical Engineering


Professional Tutor

Over 2500 hours tutored

Over 200 students helped


Excellent Tutor

5.0 Rating on WyzAnt

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2019 Tutorpreneur Hero Award Winner



Individual Tutoring

$130 per hour (Weekday Afternoons)

$160 per hour (Weekday Evenings and Weekends)

Unlimited access to AP Physics 1 Course ($120 value)

Ideal for students who want individual help

Group Lessons​

$50 per hour

Ideal for students motivated to do well and want some structured guidance.

Self-Paced Courses

$120 per course

Unlimited access to video lectures and problem solving videos

Access to course-specific forums to ask questions and get feedback.

Ideal for students looking to self-study on their own



Allen is out of this world. He will tell you he can't remember something that well then derive it out of thin air (very advanced topics). I started working with Allen because I was struggling with circuit analysis. He helped me build an intuition for solving circuits and it is one of the things I do best now. Allen has always been patient with my sometimes erratic schedule, and without him, I would not only have performed worse in my courses but I would not have the actual knowledge I do of many topics. Many will find, especially at a research university, that professors will not treat teaching as their primary job - Allen got me through a few of those. He is excellent for STEM courses, and even up to senior level Electrical Engineering courses. I've tried meetings with TAs and occasionally professors, but Allen was always a better resource. Allen's mental fortitude is unmatched; this guy could literally be anything he wants to be in this world, and he is choosing to help students - he chose that because he is good at it and because he cares, and that will show.

Cody, Electrical Engineering

We are confident that without Allen’s help, our daughter would not have experienced the academic success and personal growth she has today. He is one of the most ethical and humble people we have ever met and genuinely cares about the success of those he tutors. His endless support is priceless and we could not ask for a better tutor!

Christy, Parent of a PreCalculus Student



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