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Calculus, Physics, and Electrical Engineering

The Big Problem...

When students come to me for the first time, it's always the same problem. No matter what the subject is or the level of difficulty, the problem is always that the student just doesn't know how to break down a problem and solve it. 

The key is practice. Practice is how you get better at playing tennis, playing the piano, learning to skateboard, or any other skill.  

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How I Can Help

Focus on Problem Solving

All sessions are built around solving problems. We may need a short lesson or explanation on a concept, but most of our time is spent looking at different example problems and going through them together. My goal is to have the student be able to solve problems on their own so that they can do well on their own homework and tests. 

Unique Individual Approach 

Students think and understand things differently. I have a variety of methods and techniques to explain all the major concepts. Some students connect better with different styles of explanation and problem solving. It's good for students to see different ways to solve a problem. 

Experienced Tutor

I have tutored over 3000 hours and helped over 250 students succeed in their classes. My AP Physics 1 and AP Calculus students have all at least scored a 3 on their exams (many with 4s or 5s). I've successfully helped students succeed at difficult schools like Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cornell, Georgia Tech, and University of Pennsylvania. 

I've been through the grinder. At Berkeley and Stanford, I was taking 3 or 4 technical courses each semester. My first semester was a struggle to handle courses that were moving so quickly and learning very difficult material. I know what it's like to struggle with difficult courses, and I can help your child learn from my experience.

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Meet Allen

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3.88 GPA at UC Berkeley

3.74 GPA at Stanford University

MS and BS Electrical Engineering


Professional Tutor

Over 4000 hours tutored

Over 250 students helped


Excellent Tutor

5.0 Rating on WyzAnt

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2019 Tutorpreneur Hero Award Winner

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