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Has your child started to struggle in a difficult math or physics? Are they used to being "A" students, but for some reason this specific math or physics class just isn't clicking for them?

Given enough time, your child might be able to figure it out. But who has time to watch and study all the YouTube or KhanAcademy videos out there. With my help, I can help your child learn and master some of the most difficult concepts in a short amount of time.

Why Choose Me?


Efficient Sessions 

Most of my students tell me that they learn a lot in a short amount of time compared to other tutors they tried. With all the homework and extracurricular activities, there's not a lot of time to waste.  


I received my BS from UC Berkeley (3.88 GPA) and MS from Stanford University (3.74 GPA). I know what hard classes look like, and how to best study and prepare for them.


I have tutored over 2000 hours and helped over 200 students succeed in their classes. 

I've been through the grinder. At Berkeley and Stanford, I was taking 3 or 4 technical courses each semester. My first semester was a struggle to handle courses that were moving so quickly and learning very difficult material. I know what it's like to struggle with difficult courses, and I can help your child learn from my experience.


Meet Allen​

Professional Tutor

Over 2000 hours tutored

Over 150 students helped


3.88 GPA at UC Berkeley

3.74 GPA at Stanford University

MS and BS Electrical Engineering

Excellent Tutor

5.0 Rating on WyzAnt


2019 Tutorpreneur Hero Award Winner



Individual Tutoring

$100 per hour





Electrical Engineering

Problem Solving Videos


Calculus 1 (AP Calculus AB)

Physics 1 (AP Physics 1)

Group Classes

$720 for 12 weeks

AP Physics 1 Exam Prep



Allen has guided me through countless differential equation problems ranging in topics including higher order differential equations, Laplace transforms, and Inverse Laplace transforms using several different approaches including undermined coefficients and variation of parameters. He clearly is very knowledgeable on the subject, patient, and provides thorough explanations.

Salma, Differential Equations

Allen helped me with statistics which is a math class based on half formulas and half interpretive English. He was very helpful and patient. He would take the time to draw pictures that would help me grasp concepts. He would also help me understand the answer. Working with some of the other tutors they would make you work harder then them and make you guess at an answer till you figured it out on your own, which would wast time and energy. Instead of doing that Allen understood when it was appropriate to take time for that and when to teach me how to get the answer. He did make me answer questions with the right amount of balance, knowing when not to make me guess. I will contact Allen again in the future. You should too.

Chris, Statistics

He really teaches you how to think through a problem vs showing you how to do it. He also connected my confusion on some of the topics. Most importantly, he is excellent communicator.

Chloe, AP Calculus BC and Logic Design


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